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Families enrolled in the Motel to Home program are provided the push they need to garner permanent housing; to qualify they must have consistent income, at least 1 school-aged child, and have resided in a motel/extended stay for +30 days. CRP provides each family up to $4,000 for their security deposit and first month's rent. Families living in motels often can afford market-rate rentals but get caught in a vicious financial cycle; they hemorrhage funds to pay for the motel but, by the end of the month, do not have enough surplus to pay for a security deposit at a permanent residence. CRP helps to break this cycle and establish a more sustainable life.


"My daughter and I have been on an incredible journey! Last September due to me losing my job I was given 2 days to leave where I was staying. Since I wasn’t employed I had no place to go. I ended up with the help of others staying at an Extended Stay Motel. I was so thankful to be in a warm place but knew God had more for us. My job now was finding a job and my pursuit was relentless. God blessed me with a great job. We prayed for a home we could call our own but, needed help with the deposit and first month’s rent. We found out about an organization called Community Restoration Project and they bless us with an opportunity to get a place of our own. I am so thankful for the Community Restoration Project and the work that they do. They really do help families get back on their feet! Thank you Community Restoration Project."

-Marissa Duncan,

A Motel to Home Participant